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The Conspirator is a movie that will be release in April 15, 2011. This movie tells about A woman who accused to be one of the Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

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The Conspirator (2011) Synopsis

In the case of Abraham Lincoln’s murder, seven men and one woman were arrested and accused of conspiracy in the assassination of the President, Vice of the President, and Secretary of State. the only woman who accused is Mary Surratt, the owner of boardinghouse where John Wilkes Booth, and others met and planned the murder.

Against the ominous back-drop of post-Civil War Washington, a new lawyer, Frederick Aiken, 28 years of a war hero, was reluctant to become a lawyer of Surrat before military tribunals. Aiken realized that his client was innocent and she’s probably used as bait and a hostage in order to catch the conspirators who managed to escape from the mass hunting, which is his own son, John. The whole country turned against her, Surratt was forced to rely on Aiken to dismantle the truth and save himself.

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Watch Now in HD Watch The Conspirator (2011) Now

Genres: Drama and Biopic
Release Date: April 15th, 2011 (limited)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some violent content.
Roadside Attractions, The American Film Company

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